#BABB Badass Book Broads talk Publishing and Racial Diversity

This past weekend, three book broads, hung out to talk about publishing. With all the racial tension happening in American society at the moment, especially after the shootings by police and of police, of course race was brought up and the role of it in publishing.

Badass Pub – Episode 8; Diantha Jones and Tiffany Fox join HBIC Deena Rae to drink and talk publishing. Main topic of discussion was racial diversity in publishing and writing.  Since the attack in Dallas was still fresh, the racially mixed panel wanted to address race, division and some of the more explosive social issues as well as how to address them in writing.  Also brought up on the show was social media marketing and how it can become overwhelming. A quick overview of Pinterest to let readers know how you see your characters.We even hit on Litsy, a new social media app for Apple product users. Instagram and using it to promote your books and author persona is touched on as well.

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