#NewRelease Spotlight: FINDING LOVE, by Elodie Parkes


In the second of the stories that take place in and surrounding the sex club, Candy Apple, handsome Jake watches Ellie from across the room. Week after week he longs to touch and kiss her, but holds back until he can’t wait one more moment. Ellie has needs to fill…the trouble is they just might drive Jake away.
 I got the inspiration for the Candy Apple from a building I pass on the outskirts of a city I often have to visit with my employment. The building is semi derelict and the upstairs windows are boarded up, but if you pass on foot, you can see into the ground floor where a corner of the paper that covers the window has bent and peeled away. I’m naughty enough to stand on tiptoe and stare into the place regardless of people passing behind me on the sidewalk and staring at me LOL The building is as I describe in the story, but the lights are all busted and the striped awning hangs away from the porch and flaps in the breeze.
The room I could see inside was very long, reaching far back into the gloom. It was still opulent, like a stateroom. It had a huge staircase curving around the middle of the room. The outside steps lead to a room above the one I can see into and I’d love to see into it, since I can’t I had to imagine what might be like. I often get story ideas from places and buildings, especially old or mysterious looking ones. Sometimes I imagine what they might have looked like or been used for and that’s when the setting for the story cements in my mind.


Now available on Amazon, a romance, contemporary, erotic, with a twist of darkness and suspense and naturally Elodie’s must have HEA

Jake’s a member of an elite club, the Candy Apple. Years ago, it used to be a
gentlemen’s club, but now it caters for other needs. When he first sees Ellie sitting alone at one of the tables near the dance floor, he makes it his business to find out about her.
Jake’s enchanted by Ellie. He wants to give her what she needs.
Ellie takes him up on the offer.
The trouble is, Ellie’s needs will shock Jake and set him on a quest to find her,
when after a night of passion and rescue, she slips away into the night.
Finding Love–a contemporary, erotic romance/suspense with a twist of darkness and an HEA.
What would you do to find love?


Finding Love: Incident at the Candy
Read an excerpt
Jake stepped onto the patio. The day had been crisp and cloud free.
As he gazed up into the clear night sky, he could see a sprinkling of stars. He
was lucky to see them since the city sent out an aura of light. He’d always
loved going out into the country away from the light pollution of the city
because at night the sky was full of stars. Jake shivered in his shirtsleeves.
If it hadn’t been unseasonably cold, he mightn’t even see the faint twinkling
that greeted him as he stared up. Some time ago, on a trip to a less populated
coast, he’d seen a shooting star. Jake had made a wish then. It hadn’t come
true yet, but he held onto the hope that one day it would.
He closed the big glass doors, and locked them before pulling the
pale gray, vertical blinds. He was ready to go out into the city. All he needed
was his jacket and the usual stuff he stashed in his pocket. The working week
had drained him, but he needed to go to the club he frequented. With any luck,
the lovely girl he’d noticed there would arrive again.
Jake drove to the Candy Apple and found a park in the lot they
provided. There was no valet parking there. The Candy Apple was a
semi-secretive place. Once a gentlemen’s club, the building ranged over four
floors, though the basement floor wasn’t generally obvious, Jake knew about it.
The exterior was verging on vintage, but an incredibly bright awning festooned
the entry and extended to the wide first floor window where the coffee bar was
situated. Over the top of the awning and around the shallow porch, shocking
pink and white neon lights cast their glow onto the sidewalk. The steps leading
to the front door shimmered under these lights and when it rained had the
appearance of a surreal waterfall. No one entered the club unless they were a
member. It seemed that introduction by a current member was the only way to join.
Jake strode along the white paved path leading from the parking
lot and that joined the main street sidewalk. He ran up the short stoop of the
club building, and met the security on the door. They knew him, but glanced at
his membership card anyway.
“Good evening, Sir.”
He grinned at them. “Hi, is the place busy?”
“Not yet. Have a pleasant night.”
He smiled as he took the wide hall that led into the low-lit main
Jake sank gratefully onto the couch and stretched out his long
legs. He leaned against the sumptuous, leather backrest to wait for midnight.
His heartbeat practically matched the low thump of bass in the dance music
seeping from the adjacent room. A sudden burst of the melody assailed his ears
as the door opened and someone came through. He avoided the glance of the
solitary man who passed him and studied the toes of his boots considering
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Hot Ink Press


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