My One Year Authorversary!

So today marks the one year anniversary since my very first book debuted.

February 13, 2015 changed my life because Unbearable was born.


Since then many things have happened. This book went on to win an award:


It spawned a sequel, BAD APPLE, which also went on to win runner-up. Both were Amazon category best sellers.


Never in my life had I thought I’d become an author, let alone an award winning one. I’ve since published two full length novels in addition to the novellas series.

VEXED was up for  Book of the Year. That one blew me away, such a huge honor!


And I’m still writing more.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the constant encouragement of my fellow author friends who keep pulling me from the depths of self-doubt. This is a harsh business, a lot of which none of the outside world really gets to see. Lots of turmoil, constant ebbs and flows of trends, media frenzies, roller coasters of emotions because this is a rejection business more than it is anything else. Rejection is everywhere. From agents, to editors, to readers….

The keys to surviving this business? Thick Skin. And loyal friends.

Over this last year I’ve met many new friends and even made some fans, which still shocks me to this day people who have read my book and even really liked it who want to help me by promoting my books to their friends and helping to spread the word. THAT is amazing to me and I’m so very blessed to have people like that who at every turn are whispering in someone’s ear about my books.

I went on to get an agent in 2015, something I worked toward for several years. Thank you Margaret Bail for having faith in my books and in me. Your trust, your guidance and friendship are invaluable to me.

The day I got my very first review from a stranger blew me away. While of course my reviews from friends mean everything to me as well, to know that a complete stranger took time to read my book and then write a review for it? That really kind of seals the deal and turns real into surreal. Because this business is harsh, there’s subjective opinions coming at an author from every angle. An author puts their heart on the line, taking the voices in their head and relaying them to paper for the world to see. That takes guts. It’s a vulnerability. And then to receive judgment, good or bad, it really takes a strong person or years of thick skin to push through self-doubt.

So the one thing I’ve learned, anyone who publishes a book is a hero for putting themselves out there. Some of them may just be doing it for the rise … because how else do you really explain dino-porn. But there’s a place in this world for shape-shifting cuttlefish, as much as for a mystery, sci-fi, romance writer.

If a story is in your head, let it out. Dream big. If you shoot for the stars, sure you may never reach the one you’re after, but you’ll definitely hit a few new ones not even on your radar along the way. You have your destination picked …. but sometimes it’s more important about how you get there, than when.

Thank you all for your loyal friendship and support. Here’s to another year!








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