Welcome to the new me.

Hello ladies and gents! (I do hope there’s some gents, as a romance author, I love the gents.)

My name is Wren Michaels and I write smut I don’t want my mother to read. This is the home for my super sexy romance author side, Wren Michaels. I’m an author of other genres under a different name, most of which still have some romantic elements, but nothing as hot as these. But we’ll leave that for later, or maybe never. Maybe we’ll play a game years from now to see if anyone figures it out. (Those who already know because I’ve told you can’t play. But I love you anyway.)

My first release under this name will be forthcoming in February 2015 as part of an anthology. I’ll post details on that at a later date.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, maybe there’ll be some cuffs to keep you tight to your seat. You never know.

Stay sexy, my friends!



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